ECOOPE – Secondary Education Pilot – Day 2

ECOOPE Pilot training 2ary ed Day 2

ECOOPE – Secondary Education Pilot – Day 2


Day #2: Call me “team”


First we were explained what social economy is and then  ASATA (Social Economy and Labour Companies Association in Asturias) posed the co-operative challenge for the week: how could we introduce co-operatives to secondary students like us.

We met the mentors and were organised in 5 teams, then we had a coffee break where we could enjoy the traditional Portuguese sponge cake called “bolo negro” 🧀, it was really nice, thank you guys!

We were impressed when we found out that workers are owners of co-operatives! We were also shocked to learn about the unemployment rates in both our countries (Portugal and Spain) and saw that co-ops are a good option when you want to set up a business.

In the afternoon we met the CEO at Dominaria S. Coop, a virtual and augmented reality co-operative.  He told us about their experience being a social entrepreneur and we realised that not all cooperatives have to do with agriculture, but that you can create a co-operative in any sector.

We also grasped the value of defining a problem properly, of planning as a team and the first steps in prototyping. This session also helped us work using creativity and taking the initiative.  As a summary, we got to know one another while understanding the principles and values of cooperatives, and how to set up one.


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