Do you work in secondary or university education?

Is your syllabus related in any way to cooperative entrepreneurship?

Benefit from ECOOPE’s materials and innovative methodologies, (available on our website in 2018), so that you can apply them to your cooperative entrepreneurship courses!

If you want to tell us about how your work changes society, download the survey below, fill it in and send it to

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The period for applying to ECOOPE award is already closed.



Even if you missed it and you are not eligible for it,

we will be very happy to hear about your cooperative education initiatives

and to include them in our database.

Simply download the questionnaire here (for secondary education)

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Learn more about the ECOOPE Award here

The ECOOPE award will recognise inspiring European initiatives covering education on cooperative entrepreneurship


The European ECOOPE Award on Cooperative Entrepreneurship Education will showcase inspiring practices that integrate the co-operative model in entrepreneurship education for secondary and university level students. ECOOPE is a pioneer initiative, co-funded by the EU, that aims at reducing European youth unemployment.


If you participate in this survey, you will receive every tool and paper published by the project and will be able to interact with our community. The ECOOPE Award winners will be invited to present their initiative to international key stakeholders in the 1st Conference on Co-operative Entrepreneurship Education that will be held in spring 2018.


To elaborate an open source document that will compile the best initiatives based on co-operative entrepreneurship education. It will be accesible to the European public for consultation and download.


Teachers, managers and experts, as well as institutions with a co-operative entrepreneurship programme or methodology inside their syllabus dedicated to secondary and university level students.

«Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world»

Nelson Mandela